The Diaries of A Suitcase Kid

I am so beyond excited to share with you that my self-help diary, ‘The Diaries of A Suitcase Kid’, is now available as an e-book! Yes, little old me has an e-book available! I cannot tell you how exciting this project is for me, it has always been an aim of mine, since I was tiny and used to write gobbledegook on the computer, to publish something. How humbling this opportunity is, to have my words accessible to the whole world – much more than my blog, but actual pieces of my soul, on paper, for all to read.

What is it? Well, ‘The Diaries of A Suitcase Kid‘ is just what it says on the tin. An honest diary filled with accounts of the highs and lows of suffering with mental illness. Whilst it is a self-help book of sorts, I like to think of it as taking a whole new twist on the self-help genre. My e-book is here not to preach, and certainly not to patronise, but instead, to say the words you perhaps cannot. It speaks the truth of the ups and the downs, the worst days and the good days. Topics covered include self-harm and suicide, eating disorders, relationships, friends, loss of sexual drive and broken homes, alongside generalised musings re: mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. ‘The Diaries’, is full of honest accounts of what mental illness really feels like, through the medium of ramblings and poetry, with the aim to make you feel less alone. It truly captures the essence of my story and my journey so far, and is hopefully the first chapter in a series of Diaries. I perhaps see this as the worst chapter really but the most important, the chapter of self-awareness – the awareness that everything really was shit and something had to give!

Through this project, I hope to share with you the same kinds of things you can find on my blog, but with a hard copy that you can keep and refer back to. It includes diary entries, some very similar to what you find on here, exclusive content, poetry, and a self help tasks guide at the end of all the things that have helped me. I want you to read and to enjoy. I most of all, want you to never feel alone.

You can now buy the e-book of Diaries of A Suitcase Kid for your kindle, iPhone, iPad and other reading devices.

Please follow link, or type in search bar for your own currency version: 

Thank you for your ongoing and unrelenting support as ever. I truly hope you purchase, enjoy, read and reread, highlight, print, share, laugh, cry and most of all relate!!

I am ever so happy to share this journey with my followers, a lot of whom have become genuine friends.

Sending much love.


9 thoughts on “The Diaries of A Suitcase Kid

  1. This is really inspiring to see that rather than moving backwards in life you are really tackling your fears, anxiety and depression head on.
    I used to struggle with depression and anxiety and I know how much it sucks.
    I will have a look at your book again and consider buying it at a later date.
    I will look forward to reading some more of this blog πŸ™‚ keep moving forward suitcase kid!

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