Meet my Millie

My Springer Spaniel, Millie, is my whole world.  


She is 6 years old and came into my life during particularly hard times, and her 10 week old bouncy and mischievous self helped me see the world through her eyes, as we have explored together over the years.  According to Millie, the world is fun, loving, smells great, is full of things to do and explore, is not dangerous and has no place for fear.  Her world is the world I want to live in!

Millie brings me joy I cannot put into words.


She looks at me with unlimited love, love that holds no bounds, and love that is infinite.  She won’t leave my side when I am poorly, sad or down.  She soothes me when I am anxious, and stroking her calms me down. She is my company when I am alone. She makes me smile through my tears with her bouncy nature, her loyal nature and her individual personality. She even licks my tears away! She listens to my dreams, my problems, my fears and shares my happiness.  She is my joy in the world.  She shares my ups and she makes my downs less down.  She shares my love of Cornwall, my love of walking and exploring new places and my love of tranquil beaches where it feels like it is only us two in the world.

Millie does not judge me, tell me I am wrong, punish me, get angry at me, or treat me unkindly.  Instead, she is there, every single day, wagging her tail as I open the door, telling me I am loved and she is happy I am home.

Not only this, but she brings my Mum and I that bit closer, with her love for both of us and our shared interest in her giving us something in common.

Since having Millie in my life, I have felt stronger, felt a little bit wiser, a little bit calmer, a little bit safer and truly truly loved.  The thought of leaving her has even been my rationalising during my suicidal thoughts. I always know I am not alone.

When I am feeling down, having a day where I don’t want to get out of bed, or have anxiety, I remember she needs her exercise and we can explore together.  I try to look at the world through her eyes.  I try to love myself like she loves me.

I strongly and truly believe that pets, in the right home, and in the right loving environment, can make everything that little bit brighter.  Their power is greater than we shall ever know.  In a world where humans can be cold, callous, judgemental, mean and distant, a wagging tail and a loving face brings warmth into my heart that I never thought I would find.

If you’re reading this and you have a dog, (or cat, or any animal) give them a big squeeze and a kiss, and remind yourself that in a world where sometimes love is conditional, you always have a place to go where there are no conditions to love. You are never alone.

I’m giving my Millie the biggest squeeze at this moment, and know wherever I go in life, I’ve got my best friend by my side.  I am never alone.

Paw in hand <3

Paw in hand ❤


9 thoughts on “Meet my Millie

  1. I think Millie might just be right – about the world, and about you.

    I can relate to this, the animals in my life have taught me so much, about life and about love.

    Sending gentle thoughts to you both.

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    • You’ve absolutely made my day 🙂 it’s wonderful how much joy they can bring us and how much they can teach us in their short lives. We only understand true, irrevocable love and innocence, loyalty, and comfort through them. It’s a shame that the whole world don’t see just how much they give us x

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  2. I’ve got two boys, Samuel and Hephzibah. Their unconditional love and complete acceptance of me is amazing. Going out everyday with them to exercise and explore is sometimes the only thing that gets me out of bed.

    Give Millie a scratch on her sweet spot for us. 😉
    Love, donna marie

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  3. Millie is a beauty, inside and out. I had a cocker once who was my everything. He got me through one of the toughest periods of my life – an abusive marriage. She also reminds me of my current dog, Violet who just seems to know when I need a kiss on the nose or a heating pad on my back when we nap!


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