About Me

Why ‘The Suitcase Kid’? I call myself  ‘The Suitcase Kid’ because for years that is exactly what I was – packing a back from here to there with not much stability.

Across my life, I have experienced multiple divorces, broken homes, destruction due to the decisions of adults in my life and have suffered depression, eating disorders, anxiety and helplessness since I was 8 years old.  As I now step into my adulthood and am gaining a sense of control over my emotions and acceptance of the decisions my parents made and thus the impact it had on my life, I wish to share my journey with you. I am by no means “fixed”, I am merely on my journey to feeling more in control of my life.

This blog is my healing process – a place that I will share stories, musings, ideas, thoughts, quotes, links and hopefully some of this will be useful and interesting to people going through the same things as me

It is my aim to make the worst times of my life into a positive opportunity to help others, whilst helping myself.

I would love to hear from you!

Best wishes ❤


15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 Your ‘where I live’ photos are stunning. Cornwall is a magical magical place – I have never been as happy as when I lived there. (I’m Australian, but I truly want to be living in Cornwall when I die!)
    Sending you much love and happiness.


    • Thank you so much. Thank you for visiting mine! It is an extremely peaceful place and I do feel so lucky to be here! Although Australia is definitely on my life of places to visit!
      Thank you so much, you too! X


    • I feel very honoured that you’re calling me brave after having just glanced over some of your posts! That’s true bravery! I hope you’re feeling better with each new day! Thank you for commenting, it means the world. I look forward to reading along with your journey


  2. I totally get the “suitcase” reference. If I wasn’t living out of a real one I was packing up all my emotions and feelings every time things weren’t going as I hoped. I do look forward to following you and getting to know each other a little better through our words!

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  3. Hi my name is emma,

    I am messageing to ask you, did you live week on week off with your parents? I am yet to read all your post but did this effect you a great deal?


    • Hi Emma,
      I spent the week days with my mum and the weekends with my dad. It was hard to set up a base and know where was home, and it didn’t leave me much time to socialise with friends as I got older. It felt as though I was living out of a bag, and there would always be things I would forget to take with me. It was frustrating as I never got to say…I want to stay at mums this weekend, or I want to stay at dads longer. It was a routine to suit my parents, not me.
      Hope you’re ok


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