Happy Anniversary 

Yesterday, WordPress informed me that I registered 2 years ago. 

What a 2 years that has been! 

Thinking back to before I started my blog, and even in the 2 years leading to now I suppose, I was at a difficult age – 21 and 22 – and after having a difficult time growing up, I was totally lost. I had experienced at least 2 failed marriages from each parent, an abusive step father, anxiety and depression, bulimia, anorexia and general disordered eating, self harm, and had battled to remain alive and not just give up since I was 16 years of age. 

I was flirting between dead end jobs, constantly suffering with my health and lived like a hermit. 

I had nowhere left to turn. I was becoming extremely introverted, further depressed, my medication was no longer serving its purpose, I was pushing away those closest to me and as a result, I was not living: I was a shadow. And barely even that. 

I started The Suitcase Kid as a last chance resort. I’ve always loved writing but never wanted to have diaries lying around. My inner thoughts felt too personal for paper. I felt that if anyone ever picked them up they would never forgive my words, nor understand them. I read many blogs before I started my own and immediately felt a sense of community, compassion and home. I felt safe. 

And the rest is 2 years of history. 

What has WordPress given me? I can’t even begin to explain. I have a platform to express my feelings, emotions, fears, successes and failures. I have an unbiased, non judgmental group of blogging friends who are constantly supportive and continue to read my blogs and compliment me on my writing. I fulfil my passion for writing in a healthy way. I read other people’s successes. I read beautiful, uplifting poetry, which inspires me to (attempt to) write some myself, which I haven’t done for years! I have written an e-book! I have the opportunity to explore realms and possibilities of myself that I had previously not considered. I have a place to write down my dreams and aspirations for the future. I have a memory box full of my growth and change that I can forever look back on. 

And where am I now? I’m training to be a veterinary nurse, a job that, although exhausting, I absolutely love. I am more body confident. I ACTUALLY EAT…Perhaps a little too much but beggars can’t be choosers. I have hobbies! I go to the gym. My relationship with my family is brilliant. I am always on the go, exploring Cornwall and where I live. I’m in a relationship and I live with my partner.  I smile, I laugh, I love. 

I owe WordPress everything. The Suitcase Kid has saved me. Happy 2 years my alter ego, and here’s to many more! 


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