5 days of positivity…day 4 

Too much energy is put into the thought that for a day to be positive, or to have been worthwhile, something monumental, or moving, or something to write home about, or something catastrophic, or brilliant, or surprising, or romantic (I could continue but you catch my drift) must have happened. 

Today, I open up to the idea that to be positive, you simply just have to be. And for nothing to happen is actually a blessing. To just wake up, be healthy and have an embracing attitude towards a new day, that’s positive in itself right?! So we don’t need to celebrate every large, monumental experience in our everyday lives. And we don’t need to feel that just because there has been nothing momentous happen in our day that it has been wasted…but instead we simply need to celebrate each quiet, tranquil moment just as much. In the knowledge that these are the moments that carry us through. 


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