5 days of positivity…day 3

Again a little late on the consecutive days of positivity. However this doesn’t mean I’ve been slacking on my new mentality. I’ve been practicing seeing the good in all situations and celebrating positive situations that arise in my life. 

What has been positive in my third day of change? 

I have had a fantastic couple of days at work, which has really given me the boost I need that I will make a great veterinary nurse. Of late k have been feeling a little lost, as if I am losing the energy and enthusiasm for my course and as result this has been reflected in my attitude towards going to work. However, this week I have consciously changed my attitude and put myself out there to learn. As a result, I have carried out 4 general anaesthetics on animals during their surgery. This to me had been the biggest cause of anxiety and worry about my chosen career, however my change in attitude has in turn changed my anxiety into positive energy. 

I have been able to ask questions, to learn and to open my mind to new things which I have even started to enjoy. As a result, I have had many comments on how well I am progressing and how brilliant my attitude is. 

I’ve not even been anxious! 

A simple, quick chat to myself to attempt to alter my behaviour and thought patterns has led to teams of positivity in my career. And this means the world to me. I’m proud of myself and all that I am achieving. It really appears that changing my thought processes can really change my life. 

Another day…Another step forward. 


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