5 days of positivity…day 2 

You may have noticed that my aim to post 5 consecutive days of positivity hasn’t really gone to plan. Life threw me a massive curveball, so I wasn’t feeling too positive at all over the last couple of days. But now, I’ve turned the situation around and can resume my positivity spell. 

A few days ago my landlord called me and told me she needed my partner and I to move out of our lovely home ASAP in order for her to sell the property. Moving house is stressful at any time, especially when you haven’t been the one to make the decision of change. Anxiety doesn’t much like change either…And as many readers will know I am currently studying for my degree in veterinary nursing. This awkward timing falls right in the midst of my final assignment deadlines and is creeping ever closer to my important end of year exams and revision period. 

My initial reaction was none other than our old faithful friend, PANIC! 

It took me a couple of days to stop the panic, halt the anxiety and talk myself round into another positive day, which I have now managed to do. 

My initial thoughts were ones of worry about money, if I would be able to cope with the stress, if it would be a positive move, and if I would find somewhere to live that is quite as lovely as where we live now. What if, what if, what if. This is the negative mindset that anxiety forced upon us. Worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet and may never happen is a waste of time and I just couldn’t see this for the first few days. When I took a step back, I realised that this was an opportunity for healthy change and perhaps a push I needed into a non stagnant place. Further to this, the place I currently live doesn’t have a garden or any outdoor space…so what an opportunity to find a space to lay a bbq! 

My message over the past couple of days has been clear: there is always good in any bad. There’s always a positive to be made out of a negative and you can always, always change your mindset if you feel strongly enough about it. 

It’s a new chapter in my life, a chance for another fresh start…and there’s not much negative in that! What’s your positive been today? 


3 thoughts on “5 days of positivity…day 2 

  1. Wow! Congratulations on turning that around! I totally understand where that initial anxious thinking about change comes from. My positive comes from the fact that last night I admitted to myself and those who care about me that my bingeing disorder has come back in a big way. I was really down until I realized that having come clean, I have a chance to really turn it around. And the negative backlash I expected never happen; I just received a ton of encouragement and support. Good luck with your exams and house hunting!

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