Out of touch

The last few weeks I’ve felt a little as if I have been floating on a cloud, watching everyone else live their lives and being envious of how rooted they remain to life as a whole, to the earth…if that even makes any sense.

I find myself happiest when I am aware of my surroundings, really feeling at one with who I am, where I am, who I am with and what I am doing. Recently however, I’ve let all of these details pass me by, and just gone along with life, never stopping to smell the roses and feeling a little as if I’m in a dream world. I don’t feel rooted, I don’t feel grounded and time is passing me by all the while.

I am missing the enjoyment, I’m missing the feeling, I’m missing the reality. I’m totally out of touch.

I tune out when someone is speaking to me.

I struggle with focussing.

I feel like I’m not really here.

I feel as if none of this is real, none of it is truly happening.

I struggle to remember anything.

Do you ever feel this way?

This is perhaps why I have been experiencing anxiety again, because I’m not in touch with life, I’m living too much in my own head, and not enough in the real world. I’ve been allowing myself to slip back into old habits, habits of floating on my anxiety cloud, habits of the past. I have been allowing my past to take over yet again.

I read this advice the other day and I’ve been trying so hard to focus upon it…

2016-02-28 22.26.59

I’m definitely going to try this grounding technique, but I’ve also come up with some ideas of my own to stop me from living in my head, and help me to live in the real world:

  • Press my thumb and my fore finger together and allow myself to feel my own hands and that they are real
  • Breathe slowly and deeply
  • Hold and squeeze an object
  • Stroke my dog
  • Focus on someone’s voice around me
  • Stand on the ground and focus on the feeling beneath me
  • Remind myself that I am real, I am here
  • Talk about how I’m feeling and be honest about it
  • Write down 5 things I can see
  • Close my eyes and note 5 things I can hear and smell
  • Look at myself in the mirror and note what I can see – I am real
  • Exercise
  • Look at photographs of things I have done
  • Distract myself
  • Look out of the window and appreciate the world around me

It’s so important to live in the now, to not let the past and previous habits take over my life, and to recognise when I need grounding. I want to feel real, to enjoy real experiences, to indulge in real conversations, to develop real friendships and relationships and to remember all of it. I want to throw myself into life and not be bound by the chains of my past.


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