The January blues

January blues? Is that even a thing? I know it’s only another month, and really it makes no difference, but this January I’ve really been struggling. 

Miserable weather, not enough sleep, not enough of doing what I want, too much college work, too many hours at work, tired, everybody passing around illness and infections, dark mornings and darker nights, coughs and splutters, and freezing cold mornings. 

I’ve been truly suffering with motivation… Or lack of. I have been feeling entirely lethargic and unenthusiastic about work, my university work and all general life. 

It’s not that I’ve been feeling down, I’ve not felt particularly low, just lazy and unenthused, in the mood to just sleep and rest..and eat. As a result I’ve put on half a stone, and this has only added to my severe January blues! 

This cannot go on. I won’t allow it. 

I won’t continue to allow myself to underachieve, to go back to a stage where life just passes me by and I don’t really FEEL what’s going on, to be lazy and to eat more than I can physically handle. 

I’ve concocted a plan: 

– More exercise: even though it is really the last thing I want to do, I aim to go running, get back in the gym and really start energising myself. They say that breaking the barrier is the hardest thing…ill let you know! 

– Healthier eating: no, this is not a new year, new me plan which will never work. I’m not eradicating chocolate or bread, I’m just going to cut down. More salad, more veg and more healthy snacks. But still the ability to enjoy my food 

– More dog walks 

– Me time – writing and blogging, long baths, face masks 

– Massage and relaxation time 

– Family and friends time: lately I haven’t had enough time to spend quality time with family or friends, and therefore I aim to spend more time with my loved ones, laughing joking and having fun 

Let’s hope as we move into February the blues will be replaced by a new vibrant shade of pink…reflecting happiness, vitality and energy! 


3 thoughts on “The January blues

  1. I suffer from a similar state of what in the past I would consider “being lazy”… only to recently be quite sternly told that I am not lazy. I have depression. I FINALLY found an incredible therapist and she repeatedly reminds me of this. Lazy is us trying to compare ourselves to others more often than not. In my case, she reminds me I’m not lazy but I have depression. I may not be going through a dark period or episode, but even in our best moments it is incredible how greatly it chances an outlook. Try not to be too hard on yourself! And I love your goals! Make sure to reward yourself with positive things at each milestone and reinforce that you’re doing good for yourself!

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