You won’t…

You won’t just get over your depression You won’t find yourself feeling better miraculously one morning when you wake up. 

You won’t find a magical cure 
It will take work and dedication and tears and falls and get back ups. It will be peaks and troughs. It will be shit and it will be great. 

But when you come out the end you will be a much more well rounded person. A person who knows what it is like to have been lower than low. A person who understands the deepest parts of them self, and who can truly rely upon yourself. 
You won’t be able to reverse your past, erase the bad memories or get rid of the scars. But you will be fitted with reminders of what was and how far you have come. Everyday you will remember how hard your fought to just live, and that will be empowering. 
There will not be one medication that fixes you, but instead a combination of treatments, relaxation, you time, friends and family, memories etc that help you get back to who you are destined to be. And that’s much more meaningful than popping a magical pill. 
You will feel blessed with the amount of people who reached out a hand to help you in your darkest moments. You’ll remember all the lovely things people said. You’ll treasure the loving texts, the phone calls that stopped your tears, and the conversations that made you smile. And relationships will mean so much more to you. 
You will appreciate life and the world in a way you beer thought you would, noticing beauty that you never thought you would see. You will feel lucky to be on the earth, because for a moment back there you didn’t believe you would make it. You’ve known what it was like to be close to losing your life, and now you appreciate all it means to live. 
You will wake up in the morning knowing you are lucky. You’re lucky to have and be and feel. You’re lucky to be you, depression and all. 
So don’t see the journey as an uphill slog, it’s so much more than that. 

It’s growth. 

It’s self love. 

It’s deservability. 

It’s a roller coaster. 

And you’ll feel wonderful when things start looking up, and so much the better for the journey it took to get you there. 
And you will beat it. Simple as that. 


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