In need of a little ‘me’ time?

It has been a bit of a rollercoaster (cliche as it is) couple of months for me: getting my teeth stuck into my Veterinary Nursing degree, working a lot of hours, writing a lot of assignments and keeping myself on an even keel mood wise.

I have been busy in both mental and physical capacities, and therefore have been neglecting ‘me time’. The time spent just thinking and allowing myself to just be that I relish so much seems like such a distant memory that I crumble at the longing thought.

Time alone, in the silence of your own thoughts, in the company of yourself, and surrounded by your favourite things with only yourself to answer to, is a cure for many a problem.  Time alone can help you to relax, recuperate, think and destress.

Making time for yourself is never selfish. Saying no to others requests when they try to pull you in every direction is never wrong.

Why you should never feel bad about having me time…

  • Me time allows you time to think, or quieten your brain…whichever it needs the most
  • Time with your own thoughts can help you rationalise your dilemmas
  • Quiet time can make the loud world feel a little less daunting
  • Time writing your successes or a diary can remind you of all the great achievements you’re making
  • Time alone provides relaxation, and when dealing with a brain that never stops, relaxation can never be a bad thing
  • Listening to your body and mind shows that you understand your own needs
  • It can be fun: allow yourself time to do things you love…be creative, spend time with a pet, go to the gym, go for a walk, read a book. Alone time can be productive.
  • You can be anything you want to be when you are alone, and nobody will judge.
  • Rest is good for the body and the mind
  • EVERYBODY needs some alone time, not just you!

Ways to spend your me time…

  • have a bath
  • write in your diary
  • go to the gym/walk/run
  • drawing/colouring in
  • baking or cooking
  • paint your nails
  • have a pamper session
  • write a poem
  • listen to music or a podcast
  • yoga
  • spend time with your pets
  • read a book
  • simply rest
  • sleep

I have been neglecting my own company and ignoring my body’s wishes for rest, and as a result I have been feeling lethargic and a little disconnected. This weekend, I shall be spending time resting, sleeping, eating healthily and listening to my body. I will spend quality time with myself, getting back to a place where I feel I can take on the world agaiN!


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