Sometimes, I do believe in miracles

My regular readers and followers on twitter will be well acquainted with my best friend, my soul mate and the four legged love of my life: Millie.



Millie is my world, and has been in my life since she was 10 weeks old. She lies next to me as I write this, snoring away and truly making me the proudest dog mummy on the planet without knowing…

One year ago, very suddenly, Millie developed an immune system disorder (specifically Immune-Mediated Thromocytopenia) and became gravely ill. I was very lucky to have caught her illness quickly, noticing symptoms of bruising on her stomach and moving all over her body, and to speed her to the Vets within half an hour of the bruises occuring.

Millie was hospitalised for a week, on IV fluids, with ultrasound and x-ray scans almost daily, vomiting and blood in her faeces, bleeding from her nose and at risk of needing a blood transfusion. Luckily, my brave girl pulled through, and came home to us 8 days later very quiet and subdued and with a rota of medication every 2 hours throughout the morning and night.

For months, my mother and I kept a vigilant watch over Millie, making sure she took her medications at the exact times, constantly checking for bruising or any signs that this horrific illness wasn’t over. This was the worst time in my entire life, constantly watching and waiting and hoping and praying. I would stay up most of the night, every night, with the light on so that I could keep a close eye on her. The lack of sleep, lack of food due to stress and pure worry made me lose weight, struggle at work and m anxiety to worsen.

One year later and we are at a whole different stage, a stage that I didn’t think I would ever get to…my baby is off her meds!! Yesterday, we finished the year long course of steroids that have been protecting her body from attacking itself.

I cannot express how proud I am of my strong, brave little girl. She has been poked and prodded for blood samples every 3 weeks, checked over and examined, and has truly felt rotten, and the whole time she has never snapped, never given in and never stopped wagging her tail.

My millie inspires me to be a better person every single day, and every day I feel blessed to have a soul mate like her. A best friend who only listens and never judges, who takes care of me, who never leaves my side and who has saved my life on numerous occasions. She will never understand how many times I have been close to ending it all and she has been the one to stop me. She will never know how grateful I am for how she has changed me. I will never be able to give her enough love for the amount that she deserves. She takes away my fears and anxieties, and I love her more than words can explain. My life has been and continues to be truly enriched by her bouncy, loyal and truly loving presence, and I smile every time I get a compliment about how beautiful she is, what a loving soul she is and what a wonderful nature she has. Because it is all true. She is my life and my everything.

We could all learn a lot about how to deal with everyday life from Millie: enjoy it, love it, be excited by it, be brave and never give up. And that’s my message today.

Today, I rest my head happy, lucky and in the arms 0f my furry baby x



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