Give yourself a break

The thing with mental illness? It makes us our own worst enemy. We start to punish ourselves for the thoughts in our head, the fact that we’re not ‘normal’, the things we miss out on, the things we make ourselves do. The list is endless.

The question is, why do we do this? Seeing as we’re going through such turmoil, I don’t understand why we punish ourselves further! We make our lives difficult, and pick holes in everything we say and do. We lower our view of ourselves, and we feed self-hatred.

The more I read this, the more I realise how damaging we are being to ourselves.

Being inside your own head, when your brain purges your every thought, turns your every positive into a negative, and is your own worst enemy, is exhausting.

Give yourself a break. Recognise how hard your brain is fighting, day in day out, to keep you alive. Realise how far you’ve come. Write down all your achievements. Acknowledge how many obstacles you’ve overcome. Allow yourself to smile, or laugh. Do what you love. Be with family. Spend some time with friends. Rest. Sleep. Read. Eat well.

Silence your mind. And try to learn to be your own best friend, because really, you don’t deserve to be punished. You deserve to celebrate the good you’re doing, and the progress you continue to make.

How would you treat a friend who told you they were going through what you’re going through? How would you look at them? How would you speak to them? What would you say? Try treating yourself like that – with some kindness. And try it now! Without hesitation.



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