It’s a balancing act

We’ve all been there…up at the break of dawn to get ready for work, racing out the door with our breakfast in hand, sipping umpteen cups of coffee to try and get started, spending all day racing around working super hard, coming home, walking the dog (insert looking after children if applicable), making dinner, eating dinner, making lunch for the next day, cleaning, having a shower and getting in bed. Sleep, and repeat.

It can all too often feel like we’re racing around at 100mph, only stopping to sleep and eat, and getting nothing out of our lives except just earning enough money to pay the bills for a house we are rarely in. And at the centre of this mad lifestyle? Worry. (Check out my recent post – Why it is so important to worry less for more on this)

I once went to a counsellor, one who really helped me see that the balance in my life was totally off kilter, who gave me some great advice about keeping my life in order, and making time for all the things that are important to me, without feeling overwhelmed. She proposed the life grid. By creating a life grid, inputting all of things that are important to you in your life, and all the things you want to achieve and spend time on, you can see the compartments of your life, and therefore assess which ones you need to spend more time on, which ones consume your life, and week on week you can dedicate your time to making sure one area of your life gets the attention it deserves, switching it up when possible.

This is my current life grid (sorry for the bad quality). It has recently been changed with the introduction of my course, and my new working patterns but it can be so easily changed as things in your life change.


This week for example, I have been working a lot, and feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information that I have taken in, my physical exhaustion and my sensitivity over the more difficult side to my job. As a result, I was going home sad and drained from my working day. This went on for a couple of days: sleep, work, worry, sleep, work, worry. I then decided I wasn’t getting enough ‘good stuff’ from the rest of my life that would undoubtedly put me in a better position to deal with the difficult times at work, and the stresses of daily life. So I decided I needed a day dedicated to walking my dog and enjoying the surroundings. And that’s what I did, and this is what it looked like…


Pure peace, bliss, beauty and fun.It is so important not to get swept away upon a path of stress, worry and exhaustion because you simply use every spare minute to do something practical like clean or do an extra bit of work for the office. Spend some of your spare time doing things that you love, and doing things that make your life fulfilled. Balance is the key to a happy and fulfilled life.


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