In a perfect world  

This week, experts from NASA discovered an Earth-like planet: Kepler 425B. Despite it being absolutely amazing that we can discover plants hundreds of thousands of miles away in the Milky Way, the discovery set my thoughts alight.

Now I’m no scientist, and I don’t know if this planet will turn out to be just another lump of gas we know nothing about, or the biggest discovery in the history of our time. This planet as it stands today, is entirely peaceful, quiet, and uncorrupted by human interference. This is not a luxury our Earth 1.0 has. Humans have tainted and destroyed our beautiful planet, physically and through the evolution of human behaviour. So I’ve been thinking, dangerous I know, about if I had control of this brand new, untainted planet of unlimited potential, what would I ensure it stood for? What would I implement? How would I ensure a perfect world?

In my perfect world…

  • There would be no need for sadness or depression, because the human brain would have an infinite resource for answers and solutions meaning whilst we could feel sadness as an emotion, we could rationalise it, come up with reasons and solutions, and let go.
  • Nobody would be embarrassed, ashamed or insecure about the way they look, because we would all appreciate that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and all different packages.
  • Differences in opinion would be embraced and once accepted, we may just open up ourselves to learning.
  • People would be kind – and if they didn’t have anything nice to say, they wouldn’t say anything at all.
  • There would be patience in abundance.
  • There would be peace – across every continent and every corner of the planet.  We would know what it was like to be truly at one with each other.
  • Every body would fulfil their potential.
  • We would be reminded every day that each soul leaves a mark on the Earth, and each individual life makes a difference. Everybody would be needed and valued for their individuality and what they offer.
  • Animals would be treated with nothing but kindness and a gentle hand. They would all live in loving homes, and we would learn from them what the true meaning of love is.
  • Lies would be obsolete.
  • Fears and anxiety would have no place – there would be nothing to fear, and because our brains would work in such a way that we could rationalise that there truly is no need to be scared.
  • Love would be everywhere, and we would truly understand what it was.
  • Nobody would be perfect, but everyone would understand that perfect is not possible, and respect where people make mistakes and fall short.  In turn, people would be self aware, and be able to assess and change what they see to be in need of revision.
  • Nobody would feel alone, or useless or unwanted because everybody would know their worth.
  • Happiness would be known by everyone.
  • Each individual would feel worthy and deserving of everything on the planet and nobody would feel inferior to anyone else.
  • We would all have great self-confidence and there would be no place for insecurity or self hatred.
  • Bullies would be banished.
  • Nobody would be tarnished with the mistakes of the past – every new day would be a chance to be reborn
  • Food and water and total nourishment would be available to all, no holds barred.  No one of us is more deserving of the basic needs to survive than another.
  • Every human and animal would be embraced and accepted despite their differences – no matter what they believed in, looked like or what their likes and dislikes were.
  • We would learn and remember every piece of knowledge we gained.
  • People could debate without war, and argue without fighting, and disagree without hate.
  • We would have the ability to walk away from the situations and people that did not serve us well.
  • We would enjoy each day as if it were our last, and would find true contentment in our working and home lives.
  • Money would always come to those who need it, when they need it.
  • Nobody on Earth would go without, there would always be enough.
  • Every living thing would be shown love.
  • The planet would be protected, and conserved for the future.

My world would be tranquil, peaceful and truly happy. I would be happy, and I would be content. There would be a place for everyone and everything. What would your perfect world look like?


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