Release your inner Caitlyn Jenner

In amongst the negative news I have read today, one story of bravery really struck me. Bruce Jenner, step father to Kim Kardashian, today revealed his new self, as a transgender, and fabulous, woman: Caitlyn Jenner. 

Now I don’t care much for the world of celebrity, fame and fortune, and this is not what this post is about. Actually, if we strip this individual of their status, money and fame, she is actually just a woman, presenting her soul to the world. 

I see someone who is at one with themselves. Transparent. Free. I see someone who is contented and happy to the core, not just showing the world what they think is socially acceptable. And this is what we all should be. Short, tall, straight, gay, male, female, cat or dog! We should hold our heads high and be exactly who we are, without fear of judgement, and without passing judgement ourselves. We should be insanely and sickeningly comfortable in our own skin. We should live our lives as we wish to, authentically in line with how we feel, following our moral compass. We should embrace others, and they should embrace us. We should love ourselves each and every day. We should believe in ourselves. We should take care of the world around us. We should aim for bigger and better, everyday. We should take pride in everything we do. We should congratulate ourselves, and others, when we do good. We should look adversity in the eye and challenge it. We should live without regret. We should show bravery, and show no fear. We should dance when we want to, and sing when we want to…loudly! We should remember how deserving we are of everything on offer to us. We should take each step of this journey with our eyes wide open. We should smile, and laugh uncontrollably. We should cry when we need to. We should love, everyone and any thing. We should respect ourselves. We should do what makes us happy. We should create memories that will last a lifetime. We should leave an imprint where we once stood, and leave the world that little better for us being in it. 

So why don’t we?! 


7 thoughts on “Release your inner Caitlyn Jenner

  1. I have interest in the lives of celebrities but I had been hearing rumours about this here and there. I wasn’t impressed by the media’s reaction. And now, people seem to be going batshit crazy over this, making fun of her and all. I find it disgusting. Here you have someone who’s courageous enough to be who they are and everyone just bashes them. It’s just disgusting. So kuddos to you for the positive post!


    • It’s odd as I haven’t read any negative comments about her yet. I was quite impressed! There will always be someone out there who judges everything we do! But I was very inspired by an act of honesty, celebrity or not 🙂 x


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