Through her eyes

I was inspired to write this poem after spending a long weekend with my dog, spending alone time walking her, cuddling her, watching TV with her, lying in the sun and reading my book. It became clear to me that she sees the world in a better light than I do. 

To see such beauty, 
Such opportunity, 
And to hold so much hope. 
To see such fun, 
One big game, 
And to leap into life without holding back. 
Oh, if I could live to the fullest,
Live in the fast line, 
And to not worry about the consequences.
To see others as kind
And warm, 
And loving. 
To not judge a book by its cover, 
To love every one person and every one thing, 
And to be so happy in the company of others. 
Each day a new opportunity, 
Each morning a new excitement, 
And each adventure better than the next. 
To trust, and to love irrevocably, 
Seeing the best in everyone I meet, 
And appreciating the good in each person.
To not worry about yesterday or tomorrow, 
To live in the moment,
And to take nothing for granted. 
Going to sleep every night, 
In the knowledge that I lived, 
I truly lived. 
To be happy, 
And not because I have to be,
But because I am, I truly truly am. 
To be happy with myself, 
Because I am beautiful, 
And I am loved.
To have a best friend that I look at with unconditional love and admiration, 
And to see the love I get back, 
That’s her world.
That’s the world, through her eyes.


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