I’m so lucky…

Today, I reminded myself how lucky I am. In spite of the whirlwind of things going on in my life, I took a break from it all and went for a walk. 

I live in Cornwall, in the UK and it is absolutely stunning. Of course I’m biased. But today, when I needed to clear my head, get some exercise and walk off the effects of these drugs I’ve been taking, I was given the tranquility I need. 

I also, went with my best friend, my dog. I wish that little four legged fluff ball knew how much joy, how much peace and how much happiness she gives me. If I can give her half as much in her life as she gives me, then I will be happy. 

Ok, so truth is, I over did it, I walked for 2 hours which is more than my condition allows. However, my mind feels more relaxed, my body is more relaxed, I’m refreshed, and I have one happy, yet muddy, doggy. 

My anxieties are a little less, the negative voices in my head have quitened a little, my head has stopped racing quite so fast. I’m less angry at myself, my situation and the world. I feel less like I want to just cry. I don’t feel lazy and sluggish as I have been stuck in the house ill all week. I feel more peaceful.

I am so lucky to be able to get the peace and space I need in order to just be. And I must remind myself, on my low days, just how lucky I am. 



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