So, I wrote a book

In between my busy lifestyle, work, volunteering, writing my blog, holding down friendships and relationships, and walking my dog, I wrote a book.

I have created a self help book that is very similar to my blog. It is written from the heart, and from somebody who isn’t quite fixed yet, but is on the way. I really wanted to create a voice that is not a patronising graduate who has a qualification, but instead is the voice of those who suffer. I want to be the place you can go to when you’re having a good day, and a bad day. I want you to know you’re not alone, and that you never have to be. I want you to know that your thoughts have been thought before, and there are ups and downs. I wanted to talk through daily life through the eyes of someone with debilitating mental illness.

So, upon the creation of this book, and the constant adaptations since last year, I have completed my first manuscript. It is now with a few publishing agents, selected for their specialism, across the globe.

This petrifies me. 

Of course I am proud of my achievement, and proud of the fact that I am using my struggle to help others whilst helping myself, however the process scares me. I am petrified that my manuscript will be read by many publishers, and rejected. How do you take rejection on something that you have put your heart and soul in to? How do you cope with knowing that your best just wasn’t good enough?

If someone else doesn’t believe in you, does that mean you have failed?

I’m trying to remain positive, in the knowledge that I have done something great, and to be honest, if it is not accepted, I may publish it myself. I am proud of my work, and I back it. I know how much my younger self would have benefitted from one of these books, and I want to do that for others.

What I must remember, is to not be disheartened, whatever the outcome. I have achieved a great deal, in producing it, being honest, having publishers be interested, and for having the bravery to put it forwards. I must remember how much belief I have in this project, even if others don’t.

I will keep you all posted on its progress, but I would love to hear if you’ve ever put yourself on the line for rejection? And how you’ve handled it?

Sending love x


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