Where is that medal? 

To all those suffering with mental illness, in whatever form, it’s about time we got the recognition we deserve for the fight we face everyday. 

Sometimes life is bloody hard, and for those suffering with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, ptsd, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, amongst others, it is bloody harder. 

It’s hard to wake up in the morning and have the energy to get yourself out of bed. It’s hard to get yourself dressed and paint on a smile. It’s hard to force yourself to eat breakfast. It’s hard to do normal things like going to work. It’s hard to pretend you’re ok. It’s hard to hide from others how you’re truly feeling. It’s hard to fake it. It’s hard not to snap or cry or shout. It’s hard to find something you enjoy. It’s hard to try and stay positive. Its just so hard. 

How do we continue to fool those around us into believing we are ok? How do we keep it all pent up inside without losing the plot? 

We try and we try and we fight and we push on. 

It’s exhausting. Tiring. Petrifying. Ridiculous. Difficult. Incomprehensible. Real. Hard. Damaging. Terrible. 

So we go through all of that, we fight everyday, and nobody lets us know how fantastic we are. It is rare, as some struggles are so private and personal, that we are told how proud of us people are. We are under appreciated for how much we achieve each and every day, and how much of the normal we find so difficult. 

We deserve to celebrate ourselves for the fight everyday. We deserve to give ourselves recognition for every thing we achieve, no matter how small it would seem to another. We deserve to smile. And we deserve to be proud that we don’t give in to our demons, or let them win. Everyday is our success, and every milestone is worth a medal. Be proud of how far you’ve come, and how hard you fight, in the knowledge that it’ll get easier as each day comes. 


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