One step away

I can see it,

I can taste it.

It is on the tip of my tongue,

in every sentence I begin to say but just cannot finish.

It is in the air,

and it is all around.

It is the thin piece of silver string that ties me to this world,

the string that I hold on to so tightly.

It is in my body,

and in my bones.

It screams with the wind,

and howls like a wolf.

It’s just inches from my fingertips,

and so close to my grasp.

It’s in the eyes of my dog,

who looks at me as though I’m capable.

It is in the icy sting of the cold raindrops,

falling all across the land I see.

It’s in my hopes, my dreams,

and it’s in my prayers.

It’s in my laugh,

that hearty, happy cackle.

It’s a footstep ahead,

its the footprint behind.

It’s far enough to make me want to give up,

but close enough to know that if I just keep going, I can do it.

The life I want; it’s there. I’m just one step away.


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