Saying goodbye

Following my New Years resolutions (which as much as I don’t really want to make every year, I always do and rarely stick to) I decided that I wanted to really let go of some of the things that had been weighing me down over the past year: things that I had been feeling or thinking, things that had happened, and things that I wanted to forget.

A friend and I wrote a list of things we wished to say goodbye to in 2014 and things that I will do, and be, in 2015. We then put these lists into a jar, and went for a long walk on the beach, before reason out our lists and throwing the jar into the sea (on the second attempt, as my dog retrieved it the first time!)

Allowing ourselves to say goodbye to the bad, welcome in the new and let go of any negativity felt really refreshing, and I would encourage anyone else to do the same. Whether you write a list and burn it, send it with an unmarked envelope or let it go into the wind or sea, there is something incredibly satisfying about watching your negativity and your troubles float away, or disappear from your life.

Often, I have found it difficult to let go…not physically but mentally, of my negative thoughts and experiences, and have allowed them to weigh me down for months and weeks upon end. It is difficult to ‘clear’ these feelings and I’m working on finding a way that I can get rid of the bad, to allow more room for the good!
We’re all just travellers on the journey to seeking happiness, and surely to let go of any sadness and negativity is the best way to moving forward along this journey.



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