It is not a failure to not be able to pick yourself up and dust yourself off as quickly as others expect you to.  It is not easy to paint on a smile and pretend that all is okay.  And it is not necessary to bend to other people’s expectations of how long one should or should not feel something before they ‘get over it’.

Today, I face a personal struggle. And I will not paint on a smile, I will not pick myself up and dust myself off and I will not listen to others tell me that all is okay.

I will feel this pain.  And I will live it.  And then I can let go of it.

If I do this myself for myself, then I can begin to see the positives.

Never feel you are failing if you are not responding to a scenario as others would.  It is your story, your journey and your feeling.

Feeling the low, dealing with the low and coming out the other side with the positive – that is the success


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