I get knocked down…


I saw this picture on facebook and it got me thinking.
It often feels like a failure to fall, and the majority of times we tend to punish ourselves for these failures. I myself used to dwell for days on the lows, the falls and the mishaps, and make myself feel guilty for not getting everything perfect.
However, punishing yourself for something that is a given in life, is not conducive to success. Falling, tripping over or making mistakes is normal. We are all human and we are all on a journey of discovery: discovery of self and discovery of life. We are here to make mistakes, to trip over, to learn from them and to get back up.
The most important thing after a fall is to get back up. There is no failure in falling, the failure is to not learn from these mistakes or bumps in the road. The failure is to stay on the ground.
I think the vital thing to try and seek is the ability to learn from what we are taught in life, and take the good with the bad.

To learn from the hard times, the sad times, the lows and the falls, means that we have that much more knowledge in which to move forward, get up and grow.
Use the hard times to make you stronger; get up, dust yourself off and be a better version of you than you’ve ever been before. Learn: courage, confidence, self belief, honesty, gratuity, graciousness, selflessness and integrity. See what can be gained from making mistakes. Never a failure always a lesson!

Show the world that when it gives you hard times, you only come back stronger!


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