The green eyed monster

Jealousy – we all feel it more often than we care to admit. We envy others for what they have, what they look like, their personality, job, money, car…you name it, our eyes turn green over it!

I find myself often looking at others and being envious of what they look like and the clothes they wear, as well as wanting the material things that others have. What a shame. What a shame that we all seek more than what we have, take the shine away from those who have worked hard for what they have because we are miserable that we haven’t got the same things.

As I have grown older, I have seen that to celebrate others destroys envy, and it is a great way to feel. Of course, it is human nature to look at others, judge and perhaps to even want what they have. But to celebrate others for their gains, their style, personality traits etc, would be a wonderful trait of our own surely?
To compliment others, and to look at things that would previously have made us envious with a new attitude can surely push us to seek what we see we want in a more healthy way. Instead of looking at another ad criticising what they have or are out of envy, we should celebrate, congratulate and compliment, and then fight harder if what we see in them, we want for ourselves.
Let envy take on a new meaning, instead of being a negative trait that can make us bitter and miserable, we could turn it into a positive push into seeking more in our own lives.
See a neighbour with the car you want? Don’t be envious, think about how you could earn some more money or befriend this person, compliment them and they may share their belongings with you.
See a person giving to the homeless and feel jealous of their compassion and generosity? Think about what is stopping you from being the same.

Don’t give in to the green eyed monster, instead, let it fuel your fire to be the best you that you can be, with the best of everything that you want: personality, material goods, clothes, makeup, kindness. The list is endless.


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