Dear human kind,

Animals cannot speak, we must be their voices. Animals cannot express their needs, wants and feelings, we must be their ventriloquists. We must listen, we must care and we must help.

Too often I hear that kittens have been abandoned in a ditch, dogs tied to gates or left on the side of a road, rabbits set free from cages to get run over on busy roads.

This is NOT acceptable!!

Is this how we want history to remember us? Is this the way we want our children to behave? Is this the way you want people to know you? Would you be happy for your peers to see you in this way?

Taking my own beliefs about those who are cruel and neglectful to animals (safe to say I think they are the scum of the earth), I would like to stress over all social media ports that I have available to me…it is ok to not want a pet.
Got a dog for Christmas that you don’t want?
A kitten got boring when it grew up?
Moving house?
Can’t afford animals but you have 2 rabbits, 3 cats, a tortoise and a cow?

Please please please, I beg of you, take these animals to your local shelter, rescue centre, kennels, or even veterinary surgery. You can take them to a safe environment whereby a new, loving home can be arranged for them. If you dump them on the street, in a ditch or tie them to a gate post, these animals will suffer an indescribable cruelty that is totally not necessary! Surely it’s just as easy to drop them to a warm, caring and compassionate animal charity, vet or shelter anyway?

I implore you to think before you act. Do you need to be so cruel? Do you want to be so cruel?

I’m going to tell you about my first hand experience with animal cruelty. When working at the veterinary surgery over this summer, a whippet was found in a ditch on a popular dog walking site a few miles away. She was carried in by the dog warden, unable to walk for herself, with the saddest eyes I have ever seen. She was made of nothing but bone, looked like she hadn’t eaten in weeks, and had a large gaping wound on her back leg which was wide open with skin hanging off. She was lactating and it became clear that it would have been very recently that she had had puppies. She looked at the staff members with such pain and anguish, as if begging for their help. She was a beautiful dog, who was dirty all over, covered in mud and looked as if she had given up on life.
She would only eat if she was hand fed, would wet her bed regularly and was extremely fearful of being outside. I spent a lot of time with this dog, whom we named Tilly, and was absolutely shocked beyond belief that someone could leave this beautiful animal in this state. I hand fed her, took her out to the toilet and for walks, and spent a lot of time cuddling her, as did all the staff. Her wound was cleaned and patched up and she was kept on heavy pain relief.
10 days later she was a different dog who was actually….get this….wagging her tail! I cannot explain the transformation! She would trot around the practice like she owned the place and everyone loved her beautiful, soft and loving character.


This is Tilly a few days into her treatment, eating some food that you can clearly see she needed! Does this face deserve what she was given?
Tilly now has a loving, caring home, and the father of her puppies, as well as 6 of her babies have been rescued from the cruelty that they all suffered.

It honestly makes me question the world that we live in. The people who do this should be punished, outed and should feel disgusted in themselves. They deserve misery.

Animals look to humans for safety, security, friendship and love, and will show you unconditional loyalty until the day they die. Why aren’t we showing them the same? They deserve so much more.

Have animals and don’t want them? Let someone who will love them as unconditionally as they can love back take care of them and give them the home they deserve.
Want animals? Seek out your local shelters, kennels, rehoming centres, classified ads in the newspaper or veterinary surgeries and rehome an animal that deserves and wants your care. You will never look back, your life will be better beyond comparison, and you will be loved more than you could have ever imagined. No strings attached!!


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