Life lessons from Dr Suess

In life, it’s never been said, but we always seem to trust doctors. So Dr Suess is no different for me. His films and stories never fail to cheer me up, and the life lessons that we can all learn from his humour are actually quite poignant, whilst being light hearted.


10. Be proud to be you, as there is nobody else who does it in the same way! Embrace the differences between us all, and create yourself with the best qualities of all those that you love. Trust that you are doing the best you can with the knowledge that you have, and know that every day is a learning opportunity in which for you to grow and nurture yourself.

9. Recognise others for who they are, in all shapes and sizes, no matter what packaging they come in. Life would be rather dull if we were all the same, so embrace differences and be kind always, without judging a book by its cover. Any troubles that you have been through, it is likely that others will too.

8. Drench yourself in knowledge. Learn and grow. Travel, read, talk, and create opinions based on experience. That is the best way to understand the world that we live in (or to try to) and a great way to meet and converse with people from all walks of life who can offer you opinions of their own. Knowledge is power.

7. Think always. Think before you speak, think before you hear, think about how you feel, think about what others need, think about how you can help. Our brains are wonderful, wonderful things. Question, invent, wonder. There are infinite possibilities.

6. Balance your life to your own rules. Treat carefully on the scales of he lives of others. Balance work and play. Enjoy figuring out what works for you.

5. HAVE FUN!! Life is not made to be serious, we will not make it out alive! Love what you do and do what you love!

4. Let go of the past when it is necessary. Cry for it, be sad for it, and then move on. Dwelling and regretting will not turn back time, and time is more precious than money…spend it well! Laugh, love and live!

3. Choose your direction, set a goal and work towards it. But remember that this is not fixed and you can move and slither around the plans of others as and when it is necessary. Some of the greatest times in my life have come when I least expected and when I had to deviate from the original plan. It is not a failure to change your plan, it is flexible, it is real and it is life!

2. Be thankful. Be thankful for what you have, what you are and what you are yet to be. Be thankful for the clothes on your back, the food in your belly, the warm bed you go home to and for the love in your life. But also, be thankful for the things you are not. Be thankful for the lessons you have learned from others in what you do not want to be, what you want to work towards and what you want to move away from. Recognising traits you do not want to have is a great way to make yourself the best you that you can be!

and finally…

1. Care. About yourself, about others, about the world, about animals, about the future, about the homeless. If you don’t, that is one less person who does and one less voice to speak out. Care about what you do and you will love it. Love what you do, and you will never work a day in your life!


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