Things to be thankful for today


If you’ve read my previous blog today, you will know that I defeated some of my monsters and completed my first day at a new job. This positivity has got me thinking, and as I know I’m not over all of my demons, and continue to face challenges around ever corner, I want to celebrate the positives in life.

I have been so focused on where I want to be in life and what I want to achieve that I haven’t been able to see that there is magic in every day, and we must enjoy the journey, as we never know if we will get round to the should haves and will dos.

So let’s break it down and be thankful for the little things in life, after all it’s the little things that become the big things. Today’s positives and things to be thankful for:

1. The Weather
Even though many people on all forms of social media and in “real life” have been complaining about the sudden change in weather as it becomes apparent that the seasons have changed, I am so happy!! Autumn and winter are my favourite seasons. I love the cold, the browning of the leaves, the wind and the rain, and I think there is so much beauty that is set alight by the colours of these seasons. Yesterday, I had my fire on for the first time this year, and snuggled up with my dog and a Disney film. For me, there’s nothing better, and I am truly going to enjoy the decrease in temperature over the next few months.

2. Overcoming fear
As previously mentioned I have had anxieties about my new job for a long time and defeating my demons and turning up confident and brave was a triumph for me. I’m proud of myself.

3.Finishing work early
As I had worked hard and taken in a lot of information, I finished work 45 minutes early which meant I could come home, cook a meal, watch TV, play with the dog and read my book…and blog!!

4. Dog cuddles

5. Applying for a Vet Nurse position
Today I completed my application for a dream job. I have realised that my place in the world is working with animals, and I am proud of myself for seeking it out, actively trying to get my foot in the door and get experience and staying positive and driven.

6. My comfy bed

7. My friends, family and boyfriend
The amount of support I have had from all my loved ones in the last few months has been phenomenal. I have felt so protected and all my decisions have been backed. In difficult times I am quick to take advantage of those who care about me, but it is truly nice to feel loved, and to love back.

8. Having an inquisitive brain
I love my brain. At times!! I’m so lucky to be inquisitive and capable and shall never take that for granted.

9. My home
I am so lucky to come home to a warm house, greeted by a wagging tail and meows, with access to anything I need and lovely food. I really am lucky!

10. Tomorrow is around the corner
Tomorrow is a new day, a new beginning and another chance to continue my growth. I am so proud of how far I have come, and I’m looking forward to the journey ahead, knowing that no matter how much I doubt it or myself, I really can achieve anything. Onwards and upwards from here!!

Reiterating the positives at the end of a day really do reaffirm how lucky we are, and do wonders to reverse any negativity! I’m really trying to actively seek positivity instead of negativity and turning bad into good, or at least finding a lesson in every mistake.
Here is to the future positive days, taking them one by one and enjoying the journey.


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