Fitness first

Multiple times when I have been to the doctors I have been told that exercise and raising fitness levels release good- feeling hormones and endorphins and are a great way to lessen depressive symptoms.

Now, don’t get me wrong I love my dog walks, and I do love the gym, but ever since my hip operation last year, I have been extremely anxious to start regular exercise again. (After suffering from hip pain for many years, I had a hip arthroscopy in which to shave some bone that was restricting movement). I still get a lot of pain following my operation and so have been reluctant to push that to the limit and test my new boundaries following my surgery.

However… as I have been experiencing longer periods of downs than ups over the last couple of weeks in terms of my mental state and outlook on life, I’m willing to try anything in which to help this, hence implementing a new health plan.

Let me tell you a little bit about my current exercise regime. Don’t worry, you won’t need to spare much time.
– walking the dog
– walking to the fridge…
– …and then back to the sofa
And that is pretty much it! My diet isn’t anything to write home about either! I have recently noticed, due to eating a bar of chocolate (large, not small!) a day, I’m beginning to feel lethargic and tired and lacking in energy. I am extremely lucky that I manage to keep a stable weight for my short stature, but I definitely don’t do much to ensure my health and well-being, and consequently I really do believe this affects my mood.

So let’s put this to the test and aww exactly how much exercise and a better diet can really help my symptoms of depression.

The plan:
– brand new trainers, to support my body and ensure I’m not putting too much pressure on my legs or hips. I went for nike 3.0 in Tiffany blue, because although I want to workout, I still want to look good!

– bootea – this herbal tea is good for detoxing and restoring your bowel movements and healthy digestion. I’ve gone for the daytime detox which is one tea bag a day in hot water.

– 5 a day. This one is obvious right? Obvious, but difficult. Let’s see how it goes!

– Exercise: long walks and fast walking, cycling on my exercise bike, short runs (unfortunately not long ones due to the impact on my hip), sit-ups, exercise DVD (yet to be purchased) and slowly getting back into the gym.

The aim is to start this new way of life for a month, and blog about it in a weekly post, in order to update you as to my progress, as well as track my own. I’m intrigued to see whether if I really do throw myself into a bit more of a healthy lifestyle, whilst incorporating an exercise regime into my daily life, I can get on top of these low moods once and for all. Moreover, I can perhaps ensure I’m not puffed out just by walking up the stairs, and also gain some muscle tone and strengthen my core, which in turn can reduce the pressure on my hips.

I’m not saying I’m not going to eat chocolate, because that is NOT feasible for someone like me! I’m merely going to up my intake of fruit and veg, have a daily detox tea, and crucially, get my body moving in order to revitalise my mind!!

If you fancy joining me and testing whether in fact the best antidepressant is actually free, please let me know of your progress!



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