Find the meaning

I was once asked “what gets you up in the morning?”.

In a society that demands a rhyme or reason for every thing and everyone and needs an answer to everything, it has become important to find a meaning to life. What is it all about?
I’ve struggled a long time with this, and often just thinking about it is what has got me in a depressive state. What is the meaning? And if there is or isn’t, is there even a point if we don’t make it out alive?
Pondering this question of infinite possibility and unknown answer, I have decided that the meaning of life is all relative, and totally personal.
Moreover, I think it changes with time, from youth to old age.

The meaning of my life is totally different to Joe Bloggs who lives down the street, and different again to you who is reading this.

The meaning or point of my life and what gets me up in the morning at this current moment in time, is to learn. I want to soak up knowledge from every which way, and learn about people, history, psychology and the human brain, animals, forensic science, dog behaviour and much more. I want to quench my thirst for knowledge every day through the medium of reading, researching and interaction. I wake up every morning to drink in what life gives me, whether that is from a book, socialising, watching documentaries or TV programmes, interacting with animals, going to work, or sitting and meditating in my own private space. There are learning opportunities everywhere.
Knowledge is power after all!

At this moment, the more I learn the more I want to learn. And long may it continue. Learning gives me a thirst for life, allows me to understand and empathise with different people and understand why things are the way they are. It most certainly makes me a stronger and more well rounded person.

In having some form of idea of the meaning of my life and the direction I want it to take, and what I want to pursue and gain from the experience on this earth, I have come to a peace with my existence. Where I used to question the point of life every day, I know now that my “point” is to gain knowledge, and share it.
With this, I am aware that I may change, and I hope one day that children are the meaning of my life. However, how fantastic it shall be to hold intellectual and knowledgeable conversation with my children in which to help them learn and grow.
I will never stop learning and I will never stop expanding my mind and my horizons, in the hope that following what I love will enforce peace in my life and ease my depression and anxiety.

Finding a meaning, a point to your life, a reason for existing, is a positive. That in itself gives me something to get up for every morning. What is your reason for living?


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