Just Say Yes!

Another down day, another day curled up on the sofa feeling sorry for myself and wishing the world would swallow me up into a massive hole and keep me there.

Another irritable day, where everything and everyone riles me up.

Another day where the sound of silence is all I can bare.

Another day when the only colour I see is black.

Another lonely 24 hours where I push those closest to me away in an ironic attempt to not hurt them.

Yet another day where I cannot see myself coming out of this one, I do not foresee a day when there is not a rolling black cloud looming over my happiness.

So I’ve done my wallowing for the day. I’ve sat like a couch potato and gorged on unhealthy food, watched umpteen reruns of Friends that I have seen a million times and napped in the middle of the day. And so, although I still feel down, I’m trying my best to turn things around and so I have decided what I need to do: Just Say Yes!

I need to say yes to more things in life instead of shying away in fear of fear itself and the possibility of feeling anxious.  What really could go wrong with saying yes to more things? (Within reason of course!) If it is a good experience then I have made fantastic new memories and had fun, and if not then I have learnt from a mistake.

I want to say yes to trying new things, stepping outside my comfort zone, eating more food, doing things even when I feel down or like I can’t be bothered, pushing my limits, reading more, cooking more, going out with friends.  I want to say yes to travelling, holidaying, meeting new people, changing my style, seeing new places, exploring and opening my heart.

Surely by saying yes more I can lighten up these dark days that I seem to be having more of more recently? I hope so, because I can’t bare the thought of revisiting some of the dark places I have been to in the past.  I can’t let that happen, I must make positive steps in order to stop repeating my past mistakes and my past life. I can open my heart to new opportunities and create new memories, whilst reminding myself that I am strong enough to beat this.

I pledge to Just Say Yes, do you?


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