The Universe, God, Freewill or just plain old coincidences?!

My therapist/counsellor/healer (delete as appropriate) has really got me thinking recently about my beliefs of what or who controls the way our lives pan out, if any at all. It is clear, although she doesn’t preach, that she believes in God, but refers to this infinite life force as “The Universe”.

She describes the Universe as being a source of energy that seeks only to provide us with love, light, energy, happiness and easy living. It is a divinity that we can communicate with, asking for the deepest wishes of our heart, and it will provide us with whatever we need.

Although this sounds like a wonderful thought, I haven’t yet made up my mind as to whether I truly buy into it yet. My brain does struggle with accepting that which it cannot see, and although I am trying to improve that, this theory had really got me thinking and questioning every area of the belief. (Despite finding it difficult to have faith in things I cannot see, I am agnostic – I cannot rule out any possibility of how we got on this earth. It is just too wondrous to be boxed in when I have no answers -perhaps it is a good thing, wouldn’t life be boring if we had a definite answer?!)

Whilst I realise that subjects like these create controversy and are purely based on individual belief, I love to explore the different possibilities of what drives us as people and what, if anything, pushes and guides us along our journey.

The concept of the universe being in control of our lives is a wonderful one. How beautiful to have a force guiding us in the right direction and feeding us light and love along the way. However, does this then confine every decision we gave ever made, every experience we have ever had, every love, every loss, to the decision of the universe? No matter how trivial a situation is, it can be looked at in so many different ways depending on your belief…Is the fact that we chose to eat chicken for dinner instead of salmon the universe or God intervening as it knows we would have choked on a bone in the salmon; is it fate that we chose chicken because the last piece of salmon had just been ordered by someone else; is it Freewill that allows us to look at a menu and decide what we fancy as and when, not ore meditations from any other forces?!
Is it God?
Is it Freewill?
Is it a greater force?

I have no answers, I have a wide open mind to all possibilities. I am yet to decide my belief.

I would love to live in the belief that the universe supplies me with all I nee, as long as I am plugged in or tuned in to it. I would love to believe that there is always a force of life supplying me with love, light and energy that will guide me along a path that is right for me. But then I would also like to believe that I have the control over my own life and know myself enough to use my Freewill to do good, to make the right decisions and to choose love and light in life.

I must choose just what makes sense in my own life, but until then, I shall keep an open mind, enjoying the fact that this is a world of infinite possibility, and at the end of it, we all could have been wrong anyway!



3 thoughts on “The Universe, God, Freewill or just plain old coincidences?!

  1. Your therapist’s idea of Creation is correct, although incomplete. For example, to call the life force The Universe is beg the question of who created the universe. Our universe is made of energy which has coalesced into a physical/material world. Even Einstein would agree with that statement. Man, himself, is also energy rather than matter. Because we are energy and everything in the universe is energy, we can communicate with other entities, say through meditation. Of the three possible answers you listed to your question, the best answer is “a greater force”. Good luck with your inquiries.


    • Thank you for your thoughts, I truly, truly love to hear other peoples theories. Do you then believe in a higher being? Or a force that supplies us with our connections on this Earth? And would our energies as Man exist beyond our physical body?


      • It might be more appropriate to say that our bodies are containers for the self(our energy). All energy is connected in what is referred to as a Zero Point Field, so yes in a sense we exist outside of our bodies and are connected to all energy in Creation. Since E=MC2, we can change form (e.g. death of the physical body) but our energy exists forever – beyond space and time. Hope that helps.


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