The Jar of Positivity

One thing that has helped me massive amounts the last few months is my Positivity Jar.

The idea is to begin your jar on the 1st of January of a brand new year, when the possibilities are endless.  I didn’t decide to do mine until about April, but I have made a promise to myself to start again next January and carry out the task for the whole year!!

A nice jar, vase or box becomes home to a daily, weekly or intermittent note of positivity: a quote, something you have done that day that was fun or made you smile, something you’re grateful for, someone who made your day etc.

If you build up these positive notes over the period of a year, not only do you find yourself remembering and appreciating positivity from your day as you recall and write it down, but at the end of the year, you can look back on lots of positive memories, some so small you may have forgotten!

I am going to stick my positive notes in a scrap book, and add to it each year, so when I am feeling down, I can look at all the positivity I have had in my life and appreciate the little, medium and big things that make my life what it is!

My Jar of Positivity 2014


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