“Tell them that it’s human nature”

Will people ever forgive if they are forgiven, forget what needs to be forgotten, trust when needs be, but also teach caution where necessary?

Why can’t people build bridges?

Will people ever see that life is too short for pettiness? It’s too short for narrow-minded ness, for ignorance and for self indulgence.

Will we see an end to the times of choices made to benefit me, myself and I, rather than the majority?

Can we create a world in which sensitivity, understanding and compassion are the laws of relationships.

Will we see a day when we realise something or someone is not right for us, and instead of creating a dramatic feud or a song and dance, or publicising it through social media for ‘likes’, we can simply let go, and wish it, or them, peace?

Can we accept that everyone is on their own journey and as a result forgive them for their mistakes, just as we would wish to be forgiven for ours?

Will we ever live and let live?

Are you willing to make your sole aim to exude kindness to others and extend compassion even when they do you wrong?

Can we love one another and enjoy the ride, as nobody is getting out alive?!

Can we put aside self-absorbing immaturity and relish relationships (whether that is with a friend or a lover) past, present and future for what they taught us?

Will society ever see that all this is trivial? There is so much more than this. There is so much more than us.

Will we ever see this in societies across the world? Perhaps not, and it saddens me to my core.
Michael asked the question, “why?”. His only answer…” It’s human nature”.

Michael Jackson – Human Nature


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